Receiver problems? Work piling up?

We’ll send you a loaner receiver to use while your AR-1 or FR-1 is being repaired. It’s an easy process – we’ll ship the loaner to you in a box with a return shipping label. When it arrives, take out the loaner and put your broken one inside, put the return label on, and give it back to the shipper. When we have fixed yours, we’ll send it back in the same kind of box, and this time you put the loaner back in it. How easy is that?

What does it cost?

We’ll split the shipping with you, and that’s all it costs. Usually that means you pay $30 for the whole operation, plus the cost of the repair work. You don’t pay a dime until the repair is finished.

Need it yesterday?

Normally, we send the loaner by Ground or 3-day shipping, but we can send it overnight if you need it immediately. That bumps your share of the shipping to $60, but if it keeps you working, that’s cheap. All you have to do is ask!

What’s the Catch?

There are no gotchas here, but we do require you to expedite the turnaround of the loaner as quickly as possible, because we have others who need loaners, too.  We will need to have a current credit card on file for you, and we reserve the right to charge your card $300 for a loaner that is out more than a month.  We will refund that amount when the loaner does finally come back, if it is in good condition.

This service available in US only