Condux Rodders – Prices vary

This item is not available for purchase online. Please call to order. 1-800-541-9123

Condux Push Rods come in three different styles of rods. Mini-Cobra in 3/16” or 1/4” for smaller ducts and shorter runs. The Python in 5/16”, 7/16” and 9/16” is for less demanding applications due to its flexibility. Please order carefully. Once placed orders can not be cancelled or returned. All Condux rods are made to order.

  • Rods are glass reinforced composite core.
  • Jacketed in rugged plastic coating for longevity.
  • Excellent flexural and compressive strength
  • Hand operated wheel brake
  • Can be used on its side
  • Cage sizes vary and come with wheels for easy transport
  • Safe for use in cable-occupied ducts.
  • Rods available in length from 50’-1500’
  • End fittings are included
  • Repair kits are available and sold separately

For detailed specs on Condux Push Rods please follow this link. There you will be able to look through their catalog and user manuals.

Condux Duct Rod Specification.

Q: Which Condux Rodder would you recommend with my FD-10 transmitter?
A: We would recommend the Python for the FD-10. But you could get away with using the Mini-Cobra. This is the perfect accessory to go with your FD-10. It will help your transmitter take tight corners.

Q: What size rod should I put your transmitters on?
A: For the FD-10 you can use a 3/16” rod or a 1/4” rod. The FD-20 and HD-40 should be used on a 1/4” rod.


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