Greenlee Twist-O-Flex


Fish Tape with Drophead attachment for FM-05

The Greenlee Twist-O-Flex 100 ft Fish Tape is the perfect accessory to our FM-05 mini transmitter. The drophead is swaged directly on to the four layer wound steel wire cable for durability and flexibility.

  • Advanced comfort handle helps reduce fatigue
  • Four layer wound steel wire cable for maximum flexibility around tight corners
  • Drophead attached for use with our FM-05 mini transmitter
  • Viewing Port allows you to see remaining tape and the ability to remove debris easily
  • Grip Ridges on case for no slip handling

Cable Size/Length: 3/16” x 100’

Reel Diameter: 12”

Attach End: Drophead for use with FM-05 mini transmitter

Line Size: 3/4”- 2”

Push Distance: 15’ – 40’

Weight: 9 Lbs

Q: Can I use this with my FD-10 transmitter?
A: No. This has a drophead swaged directly on to the end of the cable. It is not removable. It is for use with our FM-05 mini transmitter only. The FD-10 would be better suited with the Jameson Easy Buddy or the Condux Mini Cobra push rods.

Q: What is push distance?
A: Push distance is the distance for best performance of the cable. This cable is extremely  flexible and therefore can easily fold up on itself. For example, you might think you are still pushing it down the line but it could be stuck in one area just rolling over on itself. SO to make this not happen only push to the recommended push distance.

Additional information

Weight 9.25 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 2 in