A little Prototek Digital Receiver history…

1999 – Prototek markets its first LineFinder digital receiver, the LF2000. It takes the Prototek tradition of easy, accurate locating, at a good price, to a new level. The LF2000 locates at 512 Hz and delivers depth readings automatically.

2004 – The LF2100 is introduced, a multi-function receiver that offers 16 Hz as well as 512 Hz sonde locating, adding line tracing abilities at 4 standard frequencies (with the Blue BuzzBox) and passive tracing of 60 Hz power. The coolest feature is the handle that vibrates at key locating points for safe “heads up” locating.

2004 – late in 2004, the vibrating handle feature was added to the LF2000. Also, the internal circuitry was modified to match the continuing development of the LF2100.

2009 – Prototek introduces the LF2200, which replaces the LF2100. Completely new internal circuitry and modular design makes the LF2200 the most sensitive and most interference-resistant receiver yet, and facilitates easy updates. Most innovative is the new “sniffing” feature, which allows the LF2200 to detect and lock on to the frequency of any sonde or line exciter from 16 Hz to 100 KHz, making it the most versatile locator on the market. 8 KHz sonde locating is added as a preset, which makes interference from power lines a thing of the past.

Also in 2009, we redesigned the handle on all of our LF receivers, making it much harder to break. All future handle repairs, no matter which LF vintage you have, will include the new handle design.

Prototek will continue to support all of our equipment, no matter which model or how old it is, as long as parts remain available. We perform all the repairs right here at our site. If you own an LF2100, rest assured that you have not been abandoned. All descriptions and operating instructions that pertain to the LF2200 also pertain to the LF2100, with the exception of 8 KHz sonde support and the frequency “sniffing” feature.