The antenna is most likely broken. Please send it back to us for repair.

First give us a call at 800-541-9123 or submit a repair form online This way we know it’s coming.  Second make sure the equipment is well padded in the box as to not sustain damage during shipping. Third please ship through UPS or FedEx only. USPS does not deliver to us. Insurance is always a good idea. No you don’t need an RMA #.

If you have an email on file with us you will receive an email from either UPS or FedEx with your tracking number. If you don’t see it in your inbox check in your junk mail. Or you can call 800-541-9123 or email us at Mon-Fri 7-4 PST and someone will be happy to help.

First, we recommend you take a quick look around. Check under anything that might be on the front porch( Chair, bench, flower pots, etc…). Check the backdoor if you have one. FedEx and UPS will deliver the package to wherever they feel is a safe spot. If you still can’t find the package please call us at 800-541-9123 immediately so we can start an investigation with the carrier.

No. We don’t sell replacements parts. You will need to ship it to us for repair. Please see our repairs page for details and to submit a repair form.

Yes, you can. Please call us at 800-541-9123 to order. They are sold as a pair for $50.

Yes. For the FD-10, FD-20, HD-40, LD-9 and LD-14 they are all the same cap for $20 each. For the FD-40 and HD-80 they are a larger cap for $40 each.

Yes. We can do a test with a 512 Hz signal over the phone. Please call us at 800-541-9123 and our sales team will be happy to help.

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