ATP-12 | 223 KiloHertz Flushable Transmitter


For use with Prototek’s Ardy receiverThe ATP-12 flushable transmitter transmits using the 223 KiloHertz frequency. It is your go to when locating with our Ardy receiver in nonmetallic lines and septic tanks.

  • Black On/Off push button
  • Batteries are not replaceable
  • Floats for easy retrieval
  • Flashing LED indicates that the sonde is transmitting
  • Red LED will come on to indicate when the battery is no longer good
  • Eyelet for easy attachment to a fishing line
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Frequency: 223 KiloHertz
Dimensions: 2-1/4” L x 1-3/16” W x 1” H
Weight:  0.8oz
Line size: 3 inches and up
Range: 12 +/- feet in nonmetallic
Range is determined under best conditions using a Prototek Receiver
Signal tone: Beeping
Battery life: 10 +/- hours (Batteries are not replaceable)
On/Off: Push Button
Best Use: Flushed
Receiver Type: Ardy Receiver only

Q: Can I use the flushable transmitters on the end of a sewer machine or push rod?
A: We do not recommend it. Using the flushable transmitters in this way will void any warranty. We do recommend many of our other DuraSonde transmitters along with a spring carrier for this type of use.

Q: Can I use the ATP-12 to locate in cast Iron?
A: No. The ATP-12 is only for use in nonmetallic lines and septic tanks.

Q: Do the Flushable transmitters float?
A: Yes they do.

Q: How do I calculate depth?
A: To calculate depth you will take the distance, in inches between your front and back nulls and then multiply by .7.  An example would be if you measured 50 inches between your front and back nulls then you would multiply 50 x .7 = 35 inches.


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Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in