Thanks for providing a sample or loaner of your new LF 2200 model. As you know I like the best in my equipment and am known for my research efforts to locate the best. Today was the first day we have had a chance to try out your new unit . I had a new assistant with me 25 year old with no knowledge of cameras or the location equipment available today. So I gave him a 7 minute walk thru, left to pick up lunch within 20 minutes he had located the exact spot of the transmitter, the depth was right on. I was so impressed with the ease of use I am going to update the 3 other units we have with you. Your technology is just the best. Last week I sent out a new guy to do some camera and location work, at the end of the day he came back with $1875.00 using your product. He said he has used the gator cam, mytana as well as the rigid units by far yours was the easiest to catch onto he especially liked the crossing signals your unit produces. We received a feedback card today from the general contractor he had worked for complimenting us on our work. All the lines we had marked out were right on. Again keep up the great work and the fabulous service we’ll get thru this recession together.

Paul Veyna - Los Angeles, CA

I tell people if I can’t locate it, they don’t owe me anything. I always get my check. My LF-2000 has helped me out of a lot of bad situations. There are others in my area with different brands of locating equipment and they’re not near as accurate. It tells you something when my competitors will call me to do a locate for them.

Keith Cline - Charlottesville, VA

An old 20+ yr Client was down… sewer line clogged. We cleared it after 3 hrs of tough cabling‚… and when we pulled back the rubber gasket for the 6″ pipe, we knew they were in for it. The locating wasn’t working normally because the entire area was peppered w/440 underground power so I swung by w/the ‘big boy’ (that’s what we call your FV-40). When the other sonds were bouncing all over… this signal was clear as a bell. Found the pipe 12-14 ft deep under Power, sidewalk & street; it’s gonna be a GREAT repair job!

Bruce Davis, Sr. - Lynnwood, WA

Well I went out on my first service call/septic inspection with ‘Ardy‘ in my tool kit. The customer had no idea where the septic tank was and there were no visual signs on the surface. I started out by taping one of the orange mice to a fish tape (only because I’m cheap and didn’t want to lose one of my new mice) which I feed into the house cleanout, I followed it with the receiver for about 50′ where the fish tape/puck stopped, I suspected that there was an elbow blocking its progress. I pulled the tape/puck out. There is also a guest house on this property which is tied into the same septic system. Feeling a little more confident I dropped one of the transmitters down the guest house cleanout and flushed the toilet a couple of times. This resulted in a location about 10’ from the first blocked location, I proceeded to dig down and found the septic tank lid exactly where Ardy indicated. What an amazing tool and very simple to operate. I’m still getting the hang of interpreting the null locations however I understand the concept and what to look for. I hope to add one of your utility line locators to my tool kit in the future.

Kent Schaefer - Anacortes, WA

There is nothing else on the market that works as good. We’ve been doing this for 15 years and tried a lot of different things, and Prototek is the easiest to use and works the best of any we’ve tried.

Tim Howe - Oklahoma City, OK

This is one fine product you sell. I have used the Ardy (AR-1) for over 13 years in my job. This little machine has outdone the bigger and more expensive ones. I have helped other companies trace lines when they had trouble with their tracers. I have found more lines than not. Everybody should have one.

Terry Morgan - Rapid City, SD