Ardy Receiver | 223 KHz


223 KHz frequency for nonmetallic locating

The Ardy is our original analog receiver it is simple to use and great for locating septic tanks and for use in nonmetallic pipes. It is compatible with our orange ATP-12, 223 KHz flushable transmitters.

  • Simple to use controls allows you to control the amount of signal you see on the meter
  • Headphone jack for noisy sites
  • Red battery tester button will help you know when its time to change out the batteries
  • To calculate depth multiply the distance in inches between your front and back nulls by .7

Weight: 2 lbs.
Dimensions: 20” L x 4” W x 4-3/4” H
Power source: 6 AA Alkaline batteries
Compatible with: ATP-12, 223 KHz Frequency Transmitter
Standard Frequency: 223 KHz




Q: How do I calculate depth?
A: To calculate depth you will take the distance in inches between your front and back nulls and then multiply by .7.  An example would be if you measured 50 inches between your front and back nulls then you would multiple 50 x .7 = 35 inches.

Q: Can I use this receiver to locate in cast iron
A: No. The Ardy is only used to locate in nonmetallic lines and septic tanks. It locates with the 223 KHz frequency. This frequency is too high to penetrate through metal. We recommend looking into the Ferris Analog Receiver or our Digital LineFinders that all have the capabilities to locate using the 512 Hz frequency, which is perfect for locating in cast iron.

Q: Can I use any other Prototek transmitters with the Ardy?
A: No. The Ardy can only locate using our 223 KHz ATP-12 transmitters.


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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in