We are now shipping the new style AT-12 flushable, now known as ATP-12 (P is for “Push Button”) as well as the FTP-8 that replaces the FT-8.  You don’t need to do anything different, and you’ll like them for several reasons.  In addition to their classy new transparent packaging:

  • They are the same size and shape as the current flushablesFlush-compare
  • They put out the same signal as the current flushables
  • They are the same price as the current flushables

But there’s more to like:

  • They outperform the current flushables – more range and longer battery life
  • They turn on and off with a push button, and an LED tells you when they’re on
  • The LED changes color to tell you when the battery is getting low

The other major change is that these new transmitters are not recyclable – we will not be giving credit for sending them back.  But their improved performance should more than make up for that.

Please note:  we are no longer taking the old flushables back for recycling.  We will continue to apply recycle credit for the ones you sent back before 2016.

We’d like to hear what you think of our new flushables!