A Spring Carrier protects your investment

Your FV-10, FV-20 or HV-40 transmitter will not survive the trauma of being taped to a power snake, but it will be happy (and live a longer life) riding in a Spring Carrier attached to the end of your snake or push rod (see our couplers).

The transmitter rides loosely inside the spring, finding its own flex point as it works through the curves in the line. A spanner wrench (included) makes loading and unloading the spring a breeze. Here’s how it’s done.

SC-1.0 (light duty)
1″ diameter by 8″ long, for lines 2″ and up, SC-1.0on a small snake or ¼” push rod

SC-1.8 (medium duty)
1 1/8″ diameter by 8 ½” long, for lines 2″ and up, SC-1.8on ½” to 3/4″ power snake or 5/16″ and larger push rod

SC-1.7  (heavy duty)
1 ¼” diameter by 14 ½” long, for lines 3″ and up, SC-1.7on 7/8″ to 1 ¼” power snake.

The metal end of the carrier has a plain flat face, it can be welded or machined for your needs.  We can add a coupler for your snake, or a female thread to fit your push rod.



  • Light Duty use
  • Size: 1″ x 8″
  • Application: ¼” push rod
  • Options: plain end or female thread


  • Medium Duty use
  • Size: 1-1/8″ x 8-½”
  • Application: 5/16″ or larger push rod, power snake to 3/4″
  • Options: plain end, female thread, or coupler


  • Heavy Duty use
  • Size: 1-¼” x 14-½”
  • Application: power snake 7/8″ and larger
  • Options: plain end or coupler