We recognize that sometimes a product you have purchased from us just doesn’t do what you need it to do, whether it is malfunctioning or just isn’t the right fit for your work.  We do all the repairs on our own equipment, so don’t hesitate to contact us for repair issues – our prices are reasonable, and we endeavor to get your equipment back to you right away.  Please read our Warranty details.  We can offer a loaner for certain equipment that needs repair.

If you are returning equipment for credit, we require that it be in new condition.  You wouldn’t want to buy “new” equipment and have it look used, and neither would our other customers.  We don’t deal in used equipment, so we can’t offer partial credit for cosmetically or otherwise damaged goods.  Ebay or Craigslist, among others, are good options for getting value for your used equipment.

You don’t need an RMA to send equipment back to us for any reason, but we do ask the following:

  • Contact us beforehand to let us know you are sending something.  If it’s for repair, tell us what the problem is.  If you’re returning something for credit, we also need to know what the problem or issue is.
  • Make sure it is clear, on the outside of the package as well as inside, who and where you are.
  • Pack it securely, with enough room inside and packing material to keep it from rattling around or putting pressure on any component.  Use the original packaging we sent it to you in if possible.
  • Send it to the right address.  US Mail is not a good way to send equipment to us, please use FedEx or UPS.