We can test any 512 Hz receiver by having you watch the response of the unit while we play a tone over the phone.

With an Analog Receiver (FR-1)

  • PhoneFRSwitch in “Near” position
  • Sensitivity all the way up
  • Hold rod 2″ from earpiece of phone
  • Meter should go all the way to the right

With a Digital Receiver (LF2000, 2100 or 2200)

  • PhoneLF2Set sensitivity to maximum (“FAR” or at least 70 dB) on Peak screen, set to receive 512 Hz
  • Hold phone earpiece at bottom of the receiver
  • Number on screen should rapidly increase, then sensitivity should automatically drop

What does this test tell us?

  • If your receiver responds to the tone, it means your receiver is able to pick up a 512 Hz signal. If your transmitter does not give you this response, then it indicates a problem with the transmitter.
  • If your receiver does not respond to the test tone, it indicates a problem with your receiver that requires repair.
  • Even if your analog receiver responds to the tone properly, it is still possible that your receiver has a broken antenna, which cannot be diagnosed with this test. An inability to pick up a transmitter more than a few feet away usually indicates a broken antenna.

512 Hz is the only frequency that can be tested using this method.