We Guarantee Common Sense

We have designed our equipment to be durable and reliable. We warrant our products for a period of one year, from date of shipment, to be free from manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product covered under this warranty.  Please note our Return Policy.

Range distances shown for transmitters apply to use with Prototek receivers only. We cannot guarantee results with other receivers.

Once inside a pipe, we cannot control the use of transmitters on the jobsite, and will not warrant damage caused by conditions inside a pipe or other work area:

  • An FV-10, FV-20 or HV-40 is not warranted for use on a power snake unless it is inside a spring carrier.
  • Flushable transmitters are designed to be flushed.  Although they often work well taped to a push rod, we cannot warrant flushable transmitter failures when they are used this way.

We continually update equipment and the information on its use, but Prototek is not responsible nor liable for damage or problems caused through the use of the equipment. 

We are dedicated to keeping you and your equipment working!

We aim to repair any receiver you send us the same day we get it, and get it back to you right away. Not all transmitter problems can be repaired, but those that can generally take 3 days in the shop.

Need a loaner receiver while your AR-1 or FR-1 is being fixed? We make it easy.

Here are some troubleshooting tips that might save you a headache.

If you’re sending us something, be sure to: