Prototek’s Budget Saving Plan with Flushable Transmitters

You’re here to find out more about Prototek’s original and ground breaking flushable transmitters. The versatile 512 Hz FTP-8, the powerful new 8Khz HTP-15 and the 223 Khz ATP-12, that only works with Prototek’s Ardy AR-1 Locating Receiver.

The one burning question that everybody wants the answer to is, “How many flushable sonde transmitters should I buy?”

It’s a great question and we here at Prototek have an even better answer.

“It depends!”

Flushable Transmitters | Prototek

You can save a lot of money if you execute Prototek’s Budget Saving Plan. It’s important to note that the batteries inside our flushables have at least a one year shelf life, so we recommend that you ask yourself the question…

“How many Flushable Transmitters do you use in a year?”

Some of our favorite customers order three Flushable Transmitters nearly every month and have them overnighted for an extra fee. This is a little more expensive way to go about it, but our customers feel secure that the next day their team can be out locating with a fresh transmitter.

Did you know there was a 10% Discount when you ordered 20 or more?

We can ship almost any amount of flushables Two-Day Express for an average of $15. If you need 100, we will get you 100.

The more Budget Savvy plan would be to figure out how many Flushable Transmitters you use in a year and order that amount. The savings can speak volumes.

Buy Prototek's flushable transmitters with our budget savings plan

Let’s say you go through 8 flushables a month, for example.

You’re going through about 100 flushable transmitters a year.

You can take advantage of our 10% Discount when you buy more than 20 Flushable Transmitters at one time. It is about $3.80 off per flushable. So buying 100 at one time saves you $380 right off the bat.

Then, instead of having 12 monthly shipping charges at $12 a month, you only have one shipping charge all year. Saving you over $130.

That’s $500+ saved right there.

This Budget Saving Plan works with any amount of Flushable Transmitters. We just recommend you use what you buy in about a year. Just to ensure the batteries are fresh. However, we still want you to remember to TEST THEM ALL FIRST before Flushing.

Happy Locating!

Save on flushable transmitters with Prototek's budget plan

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