The key to successful locating is being able to control where your transmitter goes. The Greenlee fishtape is made of wound wire and is super flexible to get you into small, tight places.  Each push rod is nylon coated fiberglass with a threaded male end, and comes in a sturdy, lightweight cage.

The following products are our most popular items, but we can order any size rod, in any length, with or without a cage, to fit your needs.  Lead time is required on all fiberglass rod orders.

Greenlee Twist-O-Flex

Greenlee Fish Tape


  • Size: 3/16′ x 100 ft
  • Reel diameter: 12″
  • Attach end: integral drophead
  • Compatible with: FM-05
  • Line size: FM-05: 3/4″ to 2″
    FM-10: 1″ to 2″
  • Maximum push distance: 15′ to 40′
Jameson Little Buddy


  • Size: 3/16″ x 200 ft
  • Cage diameter: 16″
  • Attach End: 12-24 male thread
  • Compatible with:  FM-05 ¹FD-10 ²
  • Line size: FM-05: 3/4″ to 3″
  • Maximum push distance: 25′ to 75′
  • .
    Call 800-541-9123 to order, not stocked
Jameson Easy Buddy


  • Size: ¼” x 300 ft
  • Cage diameter: 24″
  • Attach end: 5/16-18 male thread
  • Compatible with: FV-10, FV-20, HV-40 ³,
    FD-10 ² or ³
  • Line size: FV-10, FV-20, HV-40: 2″ to 4″
  • Maximum push distance: 50′ to 150′
  • .
    Call 800-541-9123 to order, not stocked
¹ Requires drophead   ² Requires dropcap  ³Requires spring carrier

How do you choose the right push rod?  Matching rod diameter, line size and distance to travel can be a black art.  Here are some guidelines for selecting the right rod for the job.  Keep in mind that the distance you will be able to push the transmitter depends on several interacting factors:

  • Stiffer rods (larger diameters) will push farther, but will be limited by the friction of bends in the line
  • More flexible rods (smaller diameters) will go around bends easier, but tend to “fold up” in larger lines
  • A heavier transmitter (FV or HV) requires a stiffer rod than a small transmitter (FM series) due to increased friction.