Jameson 1/4″ Easy Buddy Rodder Repair Kits


The Jameson 6-146 repair kit will allow you to make your rodder like new again.
The end ferrule repair kit is designed for 1/4-in. diameter fiberglass rod and includes everything you need to replace your Easy Buddy® end ferrule.

Kit includes

  • (1) end ferrule with 5/16 UNC-2A thread
  • (1) two-component epoxy adhesive set
  • (1) emery cloth
  • Instructions

Not included, Spring Carrier (pictured), FD-20 transmitter and battery cap (pictured)

SKU: 6-146 Category:
  • End Ferrule:  1/4”
  • Compatible with: Jameson Easy Buddy 1/4″ rodder

Q: Is there a video on how to use the repair kits?
A: Yes. If you go to the link provided Jameson will walk you through how to properly repair your rodder. Click here.

Q: How many times can I repair my push rodder?
A: As many times as you like. Keeping in mind that every time you make a repair you shorten the length of your rodder.


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