Introducing the TruCore Sludge Sampler

Sludge SamplerThe Sludge Sampler is the ideal tool for core sampling of wastewater and other fluids. The design of the unit allows samples to be taken quickly, without creating the excessive turbulence often associated with standard samplers. Because there are no restrictions caused by valves, stoppers or flaps, fluid is allowed to flow freely and virtually undisturbed into the sampling tube, creating a true core sample of the contents of the tank.

  • Huge sampling capacity of almost 10 oz. per foot
  • Easy to collect sample, easy to release
  • Marked every foot
  • Straight-through tube design, easy to clean
  • Replaceable gasket, spare included
  • Can be extended; extension kit available

The 8 foot tube breaks down into 2 four-foot sections to allow for easier transport in smaller vehicles. Case included.

Extension kit:

The Extension Kit consists of a PVC fitting that fits into the top of your Sludge Sampler, and additional string (with a ball handle) that attaches to the original string to be able to operate the valve. You supply the additional 4 feet of 1-1/4″ PVC pipe to extend it (does not need to be clear pipe).

Sludge Sampler

Sludge Sampler in carrying case

  • Comes in 4 foot PVC case
  • Breaks down into 2 sections
  • Spare gasket included
Extension Kit


Extension kit

  • Enables 4 foot extension
  • 1-¼” PCV pipe (supplied by you) does not need to be clear