Mirror on a Stick


Septic tank inspection accessory

The Mirror on a Stick is a handy tool to help you with inspecting tank interiors, filters, screens, baffles and fixtures. The mirror has the ability to swivel so you can find the perfect angle for the job at hand.

Kit includes

  • Pole has a Camlock adjuster for easy extension from 5’ to 10’.
  • Flashlight clip on pole for hands free use
  • Comes with a Pelican Stealthlite flashlight.
  • Comes with 3, 8 x 10” mirrors
  • The knuckle allows for multiple mirror angles.

This product is shipped in two packages. If ordering multiple units please call for best shipping rates.


Pole: Made of black anodized aluminum so it floats. Adjustable from 5’-10’. Flashlight clip attachment for hands free use.

Flashlight: Pelican Stealthlite flashlight is chemical proof, submersible to 500’ with a 10,000 candlepower Xenon beam. Uses 4 AA batteries.

Mirror: 8 x 10” durable acrylic plastic.

Knuckle: Made of a high impact glass reinforced nylon so it wont rust. And has multiple settings so you can adjust the mirror angle.

Q: What comes with the mirror on a stick?
A: Our Mirror on a Stick Kit comes with the following. 1 extendable pole with flashlight clip that will float, Pelican submersible flashlight, knuckle to attach mirrors to the pole, and 3 mirrors.

Q: Can I order replacement parts?
A: Yes. Most of the parts are also sold separately. Replacement mirrors are $16 each, the pole which comes with the flashlight clip is $90, Knuckle is $30, Flashlight is $70.


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