FM-05 | 512 Hertz Mini Snakable Transmitter


For locating in small lines and p-traps

The smallest snakable transmitter in our 512Hz line. This mini transmitter still has the power to get the job done. The FM-05 will help you locate in small cast iron and nonmetallic lines. The swivel battery cap will allow you to pass through P-traps and tight elbows. Runs on Alkaline batteries only. Silver Oxide will not work.

  • Battery caddie and 2-357/A76 button cell Alkaline batteries included
  • A swivel battery cap is included with a size 12-24 female threaded end
  • Easily attaches to a 3/16” push rod
  • Replacement swivel battery caps are available for purchase
  • Water tight
  • Works with three different Prototek 512 Hertz receivers; The Ferris, LineFinder 2000 and LineFinder 2200

All transmitters ship 2-day for the price of ground. Just select ground at check out.

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  • Frequency: 512 Hz
  • Dimensions: 5/8” W x 2-1/4” L with drophead
  • Weight: 1.1 oz
  • Line size: OK for use in 1″ with long sweep 90° turns
  • Range: 5 +/- feet in cast iron | 7 +/- feet in nonmetallic
    Range is determined under best conditions using a Digital Prototek Receiver
  • Signal tone: Continuous
  • Battery: One 357/A76/SR44W button cell Alkaline battery only (Silver Oxide batteries do not work with our transmitters)
  • Receiver Type: Prototek Linefinder 2000 or 2200 or any other 512 Hz Receiver, including Prototek’s affordable Ferris Analog Receiver.  (Will not work with the Ardy 223 kHz receiver)
  • Best Use: Attached to a 1/8″ or 3/16″ fiberglass fish tape

Q: I just put new batteries in my transmitter and it only stays on for 5 minutes. Is my transmitter dead?
A: No. Most likely the new batteries you bought are Silver Oxide. Please check the batteries packaging. Silver Oxide batteries will not supply the transmitter with sufficient power to stay on. Our transmitters work best with Alkaline batteries.

Q: Can I order the DropHead without the swivel end?
A: No. But you can just punch out the roll pin to take it off.

Q: How do I make sure that the FM-05 won’t come off the end of my push rod?
A: We highly recommend that you add a little electrical tape to fully secure the transmitter to your push rod.

Q: I am using a receiver other than Prototek and I am not getting the range that you advertise on your website. What is the deal?
A: Our receivers are very sensitive, they tend to pick up the signals a little better than others. All our ranges posted on our website are determined with our receivers. We can’t guarantee what you will get with other brands of receivers.

Q: I already have a drophead. Can I order the FM-05 with out it?
A: Not online. You will need to call in to our sales team 800-541-9123 to order without the Drophead. They are happy to help.

Q: Why am I not getting full range anymore?
A: As with most electronics the stronger your battery life the more performance you will get out of it. So we recommend using fresh batteries for every locate.


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