HD-80 | 8 KiloHertz DuraSonde Transmitter


The HD-80 has been redesigned to be more durable and possess a stronger signal. This 8 KHz frequency DuraSonde transmitter is used to transmit in nonmetallic lines only. If you are locating around power lines this powerful highly efficient frequency will greatly reduce interference. You MUST have a multi-frequency receiver with an 8K setting, like Prototek’s LineFinder 2200.

  • Metal endcap for durability
  • Encased in a strong polycarbonate tube
  • Non-Metallic locating only
  • Best used mounted on a tractor camera
  • Water tight
  • Brass battery cap and 4 C cell alkaline batteries included

All transmitters ship 2-day for the price of ground. Just select ground at check out.

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  • Frequency: 8 KHz
  • Dimensions: 1-1/2” W x 10-1/4” L
  • Weight: 2 lbs (with batteries)
  • Line size: 6″ and up
  • Range: 50 +/- feet in nonmetallic only
    Range is determined under best conditions using a Prototek Receiver
  • Signal tone: Continuous
  • Battery: 4 C cell alkaline batteries
  • Receiver Type: Prototek LineFinder 2200 or any multi-frequency receiver that has an 8 KHz setting
  • Best Use: Attached to a tractor camera

Q: Why am I not getting full range anymore?
A: As with most electronics the stronger your battery life the more performance you will get out of it. So we recommend using fresh batteries for every locate. This also applies to your receiver.

Q: I am using a receiver other than Prototek and I am not getting the range that you advertise on your website. What is the deal?
A: Our receivers are very sensitive, they tend to pick up the signals a little better than others. All our ranges posted on our website are determined with our receivers. We can’t guarantee what you will get with other brands of receivers.

Q: Will this transmitter locate in cast iron or ductile steel?
A: No. The 8 KHz frequency is only used for locating in nonmetallic lines. Best used when working near power lines.

Q: How would I push this large of transmitter down the line?
A: We highly recommend use with a tractor camera. This is the easiest and safest way to put this large of a transmitter down the line. Some customers go as far as getting some PVC pipe and two encaps. This would be like a makeshift spring carrier and is a great way to protect your transmitter.


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