LF2200 Pictured

LF2200 pictured

The LF2000 and LF2200

THUMB SWITCH The comfortable rocker switch can be used by right-handers or lefties, with or without gloves. Press to the right or left to change screens. Up and down changes the gain (sensitivity).

The HANDLE of the LF2200 (or a newer LF2000) vibrates at key points of the locating process. “Heads up” locating is faster and safer.

The  PHONE JACK accepts standard stereo headphones (1/8″ plug) available from Prototek.

The  BATTERY COMPARTMENT holds a total of 6 “AA” alkaline cells, which will last 30-40 hours depending on the amount of LCD screen backlight usage.

LCD SCREEN With each right click of the switch, the screen will show, in sequence, the steps you will need to complete the locate, whether you’re using a sonde or a BuzzBox.

The RED LED in the lower right corner of the screen lights up each time you hit a null. The automatic BACK LIGHT SENSOR(lower left) illuminates the screen when the surrounding light is too low.

The  SPEAKER is right under the handle. We’ve improved the audio by using a clicking sound, which is more pleasant than the “squeal” of other locating tools. Like a Geiger counter, the faster the clicks, the closer the signal. The digital filters do a superior job of keeping background interference to a minimum.

The Blue BuzzBoxBlueBox-Persp

The BuzzBox ENCLOSURE is made by Pelican Products of ultra high-impact structural foam resin. It’s tough and weather-resistant.

The  CABLES are used for conductive locating. 6 feet long with strong clamps for secure connection.

Twin  BATTERY compartments hold 3 “C” cells each, providing 3 watts of long- lasting power.

The 9-inch stainless steel GROUND ROD ensures a solid ground connection. And it stores neatly in the box.

The red “low battery” LED glows when it’s time for a change.

The “ground quality” METER helps assure a quality locate in conductive mode.

Your choice of 4 FREQUENCIES, in 2 power ranges, to optimize your locating job.

The  TRACKS up the center of the panel show you how to align your BuzzBox with the line for inductive locating.