The Line Locating Companion to the LF2200

The BuzzBox injects a signal into any metallic line (metal pipe, sewer cable, tracer wire, underground utility) so you can trace the line with your receiver.

It connects to your line either conductively, with supplied cables, or inductively by simply placing the BuzzBox in close proximity to the line you wish to trace.  This allows safe tracing of live electrical or telephone lines without having to contact the lines or interrupt service.

Works with the LF-2200 or LF-2100 receiver for quick, accurate line and utility locating. Also works with any other manufacturer’s receiver that uses any of these frequencies for line tracing.  Note:  our “32 kHz” and “64 kHz” frequencies are the same as what some manufactures call “33 kHz” and “65 kHz.”

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  • Frequencies: 8 kHz, 16 kHz,
    32 kHz & 64 kHz
  • Battery: 6 “C” cells
  • Power: 4 watts max
  • Modes: Inductive & Conductive

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