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Sludge Sampler in a Tube
Sludge Sampler

Tool for core sampling of wastewater

The TruCore 8’ Sludge Sampler is the ideal tool for core sampling of wastewater and other fluids. The design of the unit allows a sample to be taken quickly and without creating the excessive disturbance often associated with standard samplers. Since there are no restrictions caused by valves, stoppers or flaps, fluid is allowed to flow freely and virtually undisturbed into the sampling tube, creating a true core sample of the contents of the tank.

  • Comes in two 4’ sections for easy transportation
  • Tube is marked every foot
  • Inside diameter 1-3/8″ for 10oz/ft
  • Carrying case
  • Easy to collect and release samples
  • Works well in thick sludge
  • Easy to clean with straight-thru design
  • Can be extended up to 8 more feet with extension kit (kit and tubing sold separately)
not rated $18.00$160.00
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