FD-10 | 512 Hertz DuraSonde Transmitter

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With its new and more durable and compact design the FD-10 is perfect for locating in lines as small as 2 inches. The FD-10 transmits using the industry standard 512 Hz frequency for locating in cast iron and nonmetallic lines.

  • Stainless Steel head for durability
  • Encased in a strong polycarbonate tube
  • Watertight
  • Brass battery cap and 2 N cell batteries included
  • Dropcap available for use with 1/4″ pushrods (sold separately)
  • Our Spring Carriers are recommended to help protect your transmitter
All transmitters ship 2-day for the price of ground. Just select ground at check out.

N-cell Battery-2 Pack

Energizer 2-pack of N-cell batteries for use with our FD-10 Mini-DuraSonde Transmitter

Frequency: 512 Hz
Dimensions: 3/4” W x 2-3/4” L
Weight: 2.5 oz (with battery)
Line size: 2 inches and up
Range: 10 +/- feet in cast iron | 15 +/- feet in nonmetallic
Range is determined under best conditions using a Prototek Receiver
Signal tone: Continuous
Battery: 1 N cell alkaline battery
Receiver Type: Prototek Line Finder 2000 or 2200, Ferris Analog Receiver or any receiver that has 512 Hz sonde frequency
Best use: Attached to camera or push rod

Q: Do you have a product that will help protect my DuraSonde transmitter in the pipe?
A: Yes. You can check out one of our Spring Carriers.

Q: Why can’t I buy the FV-10 anymore?
A: Our FD-20 is a great alternative for the FV-10. We decided to redesign our transmitters to help withstand the rugged conditions of locating. Our company is always striving to make our products better.

Q: Does the FD-10 get the same range as the FV-10?
A: Yes it does. Keep in mind that this is a smaller transmitter than the FV-10.

Q: Why am I not getting full range anymore?
A: As with most electronics the stronger your battery life the more performance you will get out of it. So we recommend using fresh batteries for every locate.

Q: I am using a receiver other than Prototek and I am not getting the range that you advertise on your website. What is the deal?
A: Our receivers are very sensitive, they tend to pick up the signals a little better than others. All our ranges posted on our website are determined with our receivers. We can't guarantee what you will get with other brands of receivers.

Q: Can I get the FD-10 in a beeper tone?
A: No. We are no longer making beeper tone transmitters. We have found over the years that it does not allow for a good locate.

Q: Does the FD-10 fit inside a spring carrier?
A: Yes, we have designed most of our transmitters to fit inside spring carriers to help protect it from the rough terrain.

Q: Can I attach the FD-10 directly to my push rod?
A: Yes you can. This is another reason we decided to make the FD-10 smaller. You will need to buy one of our Dropcaps. The Dropcap has a female 5/16-18 threaded end that will screw directly on to a 1/4" push rod. We always recommend adding a little electrical tape to make sure it does not come unscrewed during use.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in