Rodder Sonde Carrier 1.0


For use on a 1/4″ fiberglass push rod with a female 5/16-18 threaded end. The 1.0 Spring Sonde Carrier is the perfect accessory to our FD-10, FD-20 or HD-40 transmitters. The spacing in the coils will allow full signal strength from the transmitter. This also allows for flexibility around corners.

  • Designed to allow for full signal strength
  • Helps protect and prolong life of transmitters
  • Best used in 3-4″ lines
  • Comes with spanner wrench and case
  • Female 5/16-18 threaded end for use with 1/4” duct conduit rodders.
  • Non-Prototek transmitters may not fit. See Specs
  • To discuss other ends available for your spring carrier, contact our sales office.
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  • Dimensions: 1”OD x 8”L
          • .82″ ID
  • Attach End: Female 5/16-18” threaded end
  • Line Size: 3″ to 4″
  • Compatible Sondes:  FD-10, FD-20, and HD-40
  • For use with: 1/4” push rods and standard threads.



Q: Can I use this with my FD-10 transmitter?
A: Yes. This is the perfect accessory to go with your FD-10. It will help protect your transmitter without compromising its performance.

Q: What if my rodder has a different thread?
A: Please contact our Sales Dept. so we can help.

Q: How do I know the thread on my rodder will match your Spring carrier?
A: If you do not have this information in your manual, go to your hardware store and buy a nut with the 5/16-18 thread and test this on your rodder end. 

Q: How do I know your spring carrier will pass through the same bend as my rodder?
A: The bend radius of your 1/4″ rodder is greater than our spring carrier and 4” sonde combination.

Q: What if I want to attach one of your sondes to my 1/4” Duct Hunter? 
A: We have a battery cap for our FD-10, FD-20 and HD-40 that allows you to thread directly onto your Duct hunter traceable rodder.

Spring Carrier Instructions


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