Sewer Machine Sonde Carrier 1.8


Medium-duty use with sewer machines

For use with 5/8″ to 7/8″ sewer machines. The 1.8 Spring Sonde Carrier is the perfect accessory to our FD-10, FD-20 or HD-40 transmitters. The spacing in the coils will allow full signal strength from the transmitter to your receiver. This also allows for flexibility around corners.

  • Designed to allow for full signal strength
  • Helps protect and prolong the life of Prototek transmitters
  • Best used in 3-6” lines
  • Comes with a spanner wrench and case
  • Variety of fittings are available for use with sewer machines
  • Non-Prototek transmitters may not fit. See Specs.
  • See variety of available fittings listed below


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  • Dimensions: 1-1/8”D x 8-1/2”L
          • .82″ID
  • Attach End: Sewer Machine Fitting
  • Fittings/Couplers: General, Spartan, Slip Joint, Rigid, Electric Eel sewer machines
  • Line Size: 3 – 6”
  • Compatible:  FD-10, FD-20, and HD-40
  • For use with: 5/8″ – 7/8″ sewer machines

Q: What if I don’t see my fitting in your selection box?
A: You may call or contact our Sales Department to determine whether we can acquire your fitting. 

Q: Can I connect your Buzz Box to my sewer machine at the same time I have my spring sonde carrier connected and transmitter turned on?
A: Yes, this allows you to trace the line from your entry point to the exact stopping point of the spring sonde carrier.

Q: Can I weld a fitting onto your spring sonde carrier?
A: Please call our sales team to discuss this process in order to prevent damaging your spring.

Spring Carrier Instructions


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